Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick fix re-style of craft shop in Lusaka!

I got back from Zambia last week and have been catching up since then, below are some BEFORE/AFTER pics of a quick 2 day re-style of a craft retail shop in Lusaka.  The shop is owned by Jagoda Gems, well respected Gem and Jewellery designers - Claire has been supporting local crafts in Zambia as a sideline for over 10 years now - some amazing old pieces with a fantastic traditional masks collection in there.
They wanted me to use what was there and re-arrange and style them in a more sophisticated and clearer way...

BEFORE - cluttered entrance corner of the shop

 AFTER - I lowered the display levels and hung more on the walls, creating more visual product space
AFTER - cleared and grouped together products and added colour with a tablerunner and lighting with one of the existing lamps in the shop

BEFORE - plain shelving area with mismatched textiles
 AFTER - moved more of the artefacts and pictures here - the green malachite animals are big sellers for the Chinese market in Zambia so had to make a big feature on the shelving!
 ENTRANCE - I hung some of the beautiful old Kente cloths and some of the drums form the shop
 one of the old antique funky masks in the shops - love this one!
 Some more kente cloths I displayed in the canoe there

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