Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design consultancy at Jackal&Hide Design House, Lusaka, Zambia

Im back in Lusaka and continuing working on my design consultancy for Jackal&Hide Design House - this time the shop has been finished and is open! Its looking AMAZING - Cape Dutch style with open plan shop floor space and a gorgeous cafe style restaurant with horses and kids running freely around, dreamy....  Im working again on product development of ranges that can be made on on site in their workshop as well as some retail merchandising.  I have just finished my initial 4days on some other consultancies, more of that later, for next week til another stint at Jackal&Hide at the end.

Amazing Cape Dutch style farmhouse shop and cafe  

SOUL cushions are selling here in forefront, I also designed the leather frayed cushions on the sofa for J&Hide
 I designed the red lesther cushions and the grey linen and red leather disc cushions for J&H
I designed this aluminium handcut disc and cowhorn light last time I was working for J&H - looks stunning hung up - we are in the process of designing a complementary  range of free standing floor lights in same design range.  
 I designed both the blue leather cushions and added the embellishments to their existing rustic photo frames 

 Merchandising their cheaper range of jewellery
 Merchanising J&H range of jewellery
 New affordable range of J&H jewellery I designed using wood/bone/coconut shell beads and aluminium discs 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Embroidered hessian kiddies cushions

I did these hand embroidered natural hessian cushions originally for a kiddies room for Kanyemba Lodge, Zambia and have now been getting a fair amount of interest in them - and have just got a couple of orders for them from shops in Joburg....
40x40cm - R165 (£16) each

also available in lion and giraffe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deep Dark Africa Blog Shop

I got told about Deep Dark Africa - a new blog style online shop available to people to buy Worldwide ( and I've picked out a few goodies I liked from there below....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hanging pics this weekend

Below are a couple of pics and wall art pieces I hung this weekend for a project...
These are some pics I took in Malawi, love them...

Friday, June 10, 2011

SOUL design: New linen 100% wool crochet cushion covers

Natural linen cushion covers with 100% natural wool crocheted discs in a range of my favourite colours!     Look really gorgeous clustered together on a sofa or big double bed.

45x45cm covers - R150 (£15) each
60x60cm - R300 (£30) each

can be posted anywhere in the World - email abi at

Thursday, June 9, 2011

WALL ARTS...wooden, fabrics, beads

I am making some new wall arts for a house in SA at the moment and so I was going through some images of my wall art pieces from previous projects and thought I would share them...

(Alot of the pieces below were for lodge interiors projects, hence the natural styles, but I do also make bespoke art pieces to suit and style any space you may have in mind, email me at for more info)

Me and my twisted wood wall art piece for a lodge in Zambia

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Nono - SOUL jewellery maker

I went to visit Nono at her home in Cape Town township, Nyanga, at the weekend.  Nono makes most of the jewellery at SOUL.  She has been working with me for a year now, totally lovely, she loves jewellery and making it and she is constantly giving design advice.....  

Nono and her daughter in her new shack she is moving into, typical in townships - soon to be decorated up though, I have given her lots of magazines to stick pics on walls to start with!  And SOUL will be giving her more bedlinen and general household goods.
Nono is a single mother and gets no support from her daughter's father so I hope through SOUL to be able to support her more.

Her gorgeous 5 year old daughter

 With her mother - she is living with her mother until she moves in her new shack

Me and Nono!