Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moodboards and inspiration...Pin Interest

I've just joined Pin Interest, loving adding inspiration images I find each day to my 'moodboards' - these are my boards I have started at -
I have also attached some eye candy images from my moodboards below...

5960734715_11bef90bc8_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x696 pixels) - Scaled (69%)5960734331_4cdd8a567b.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x333 pixels)

5961293520_5bc083ea73_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x802 pixels) - Scaled (60%)Small Home Design Idea by naturehumaine | Modern House Designs
a gorgeous country home near lisbon, portugal | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Spicy Villa Guest House B&B Reviews and Photos, Western Cape, South Africa - Tra gorgeous country home near lisbon, portugal | Flickr - Photo Sharing!You're My Very Favorite Greeting Card in by sparrownestscript

Monday, July 25, 2011

SOUL jewellery display at Jackal & Hide Design House - Lusaka, Zambia

Jackal & Hide Design House are also stocking SOUL jewellery and so whilst I was there I worked on a display for showcasing them...below are some images...

I added turquoise fabric boards behind the shelving to give colour to the otherwise dark shelves

and copper sprayed paper on the bottom shelves - looks stunning with the turquoise

Earring display - I cut sections of a tree trunk and hung them on the wall with nails to hang SOUL earrings

Production Images from design consultancy at Jackal & Hide Design House, Lusaka, Zambia....

I have been back from Zambia for 10 days now, but below are some in-production images of ranges I was designing on my design consultancy with Jackal & Hide Design House in Lusaka, Zambia.  My brief was to expand on their in-house made accessories ranges - in particular their fashion rnages, scarves, jewellery and bags.  Jackal&Hide are foremost leather bag designers so I wanted to keep leather as a running link/theme in my designing.
Not great pics but get idea!

Scarf range - using locally brought linens and Leather tassles and Indian sari fabrics...the idea was COLOUR and vibrancy with this range!

I designed this range of tassle clutch bags and purses - cowgirl range - the first clutch bag that went into the shop sold within 2 hours!

Jewellery Range for Jackal&Hide - these are some sampling images of range I started - knotting the leather and using gorgeous bone beads, cowhorn and lesther tassles

Candlestick range -  embellishing candlesticks - spraypainting, and adding aluminium discs gypsy style, leather and beads and leather tassles

Embellishing Bowls - painting and adding aluminium discs

Some wind chimes/wall art - handcut metal hearts and tassles
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Home Sweet Home

Just seen this cushion on Etsy - LOVE it x

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NEW SOUL JEWELLERY: Scatter chains and Clusters of pendant necklaces

Delicate long scatter chains - 
90cm diameter antique brass chains dotted with Indian brass leaves/crystals/brass beads/semi precious stones and glass beads.  They look especially gorgeous in sets of 3 together
R150 each (£15)

Clusters of pendants chains - 
90cm diameter antique brass chains with clusters of semi precious stones, Ethiopian crosses, camel tooth pendants, cowrie shells, crystals, Indian brass bells etc...
R150-200 each (£15-20)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick fix re-style of craft shop in Lusaka!

I got back from Zambia last week and have been catching up since then, below are some BEFORE/AFTER pics of a quick 2 day re-style of a craft retail shop in Lusaka.  The shop is owned by Jagoda Gems, well respected Gem and Jewellery designers - Claire has been supporting local crafts in Zambia as a sideline for over 10 years now - some amazing old pieces with a fantastic traditional masks collection in there.
They wanted me to use what was there and re-arrange and style them in a more sophisticated and clearer way...

BEFORE - cluttered entrance corner of the shop

 AFTER - I lowered the display levels and hung more on the walls, creating more visual product space
AFTER - cleared and grouped together products and added colour with a tablerunner and lighting with one of the existing lamps in the shop

BEFORE - plain shelving area with mismatched textiles
 AFTER - moved more of the artefacts and pictures here - the green malachite animals are big sellers for the Chinese market in Zambia so had to make a big feature on the shelving!
 ENTRANCE - I hung some of the beautiful old Kente cloths and some of the drums form the shop
 one of the old antique funky masks in the shops - love this one!
 Some more kente cloths I displayed in the canoe there