Monday, July 25, 2011

Production Images from design consultancy at Jackal & Hide Design House, Lusaka, Zambia....

I have been back from Zambia for 10 days now, but below are some in-production images of ranges I was designing on my design consultancy with Jackal & Hide Design House in Lusaka, Zambia.  My brief was to expand on their in-house made accessories ranges - in particular their fashion rnages, scarves, jewellery and bags.  Jackal&Hide are foremost leather bag designers so I wanted to keep leather as a running link/theme in my designing.
Not great pics but get idea!

Scarf range - using locally brought linens and Leather tassles and Indian sari fabrics...the idea was COLOUR and vibrancy with this range!

I designed this range of tassle clutch bags and purses - cowgirl range - the first clutch bag that went into the shop sold within 2 hours!

Jewellery Range for Jackal&Hide - these are some sampling images of range I started - knotting the leather and using gorgeous bone beads, cowhorn and lesther tassles

Candlestick range -  embellishing candlesticks - spraypainting, and adding aluminium discs gypsy style, leather and beads and leather tassles

Embellishing Bowls - painting and adding aluminium discs

Some wind chimes/wall art - handcut metal hearts and tassles
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