Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Nono - SOUL jewellery maker

I went to visit Nono at her home in Cape Town township, Nyanga, at the weekend.  Nono makes most of the jewellery at SOUL.  She has been working with me for a year now, totally lovely, she loves jewellery and making it and she is constantly giving design advice.....  

Nono and her daughter in her new shack she is moving into, typical in townships - soon to be decorated up though, I have given her lots of magazines to stick pics on walls to start with!  And SOUL will be giving her more bedlinen and general household goods.
Nono is a single mother and gets no support from her daughter's father so I hope through SOUL to be able to support her more.

Her gorgeous 5 year old daughter

 With her mother - she is living with her mother until she moves in her new shack

Me and Nono!

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