Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Styling inspiration for Abi&Scarlett shop....

We are looking at styling ideas for our new retail space - Abi & Scarlett, 36 Bay Road, Cape Town where SOUL and other great brands and sourced items are sold.
 Below are some inspirations....
(We off to London for a sourcing trip, back end of May with lots of delicious stock and plans for re-styling)

Flouro different coloured lighting

We have a bright pink front door - idea of chalking on messages on the front of it
Continuing the flouro colours with touches of them in the general styling...
Love this idea for displaying cushions and textiles and also doing a corragated iron screen to back our front window display

Other screen ideas for the creating a back for the front window display... 
 Other ways of displaying textiles...a painted gypsy bed or bedhead only mounted onto a wall

Or on our stairs or creating staged stairs for display
 Art prints display

Simple styling

 Painted sections of wall - or covered with fabrics as wallpapers
 Shelving ideas

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