Friday, August 19, 2011

Lighting Love

I love using and designing statement lighting in my interiors projects, below are some pics from my projects....

I had 2 of these gorgeous 'dip dyed green' recycled glass wall lights made to hang each bed in the honeymoon suite
 And on the bed ledge of the same bed I designed and had locally made with a carpenter and weaver these little woven lights - using handmade baobab string, leather and silver string
 This time for a beach family house, I had the same person make me these recycled glass and driftwood side lamps
 Lit up looks amazing
 These lamps I designed for a recent lodge project in Zambia - I had all 20 of them made with a carpenter and then handwoven shades using natural sisal string and handmade banana leaf rope
 More recycled glass lighting from various projects...just love love them...

Hanging bedside lighting
 Mochas, chocolates and whites...

 Greens, blues and whites for a beach bar I did
White glass, cowhorn and shells I used for this beach lodge honeymoon suite bathroom
 Handmade coconut shell hanging light for a private home - hangs over the dining room table
 This light I designed and had made using the local fishermen technique of bamboo weaving and made a light that was then hand woven using natural sisal string and handmade banana rope
 This light I designed recently for product designing consultancy I did for an interiors shop - it is made form handcut aluminium discs that are held together with wire loops - like jewellery
 A wall mounted teething bead/recycled glass and shell beaded light I designed and had made
 Couple more handwoven designs...



little miss maison said...

wow these lights are gorgeous i love them xxx

Abi James said...

Thank you so much - I especially love the recycled glass lights, they are all handmade using tumbled recycled glass and pain staking joined together with thin wire

Lightworker said...

Hi Abi,
your recycled lighting is absolutely stunning, I have a request for a specific style of recycled glass screen, would you be able to assist with the manufacturing of it?
Thanks, Michelle