Sunday, March 27, 2011

Designs for an interiors range in Lusaka, Zambia

Leather, linen, wooden/shell/indian silver beads, wood, cowhorn and metal....are some of the materials I have been using in my designs for Jackal & Hide Design House - an on trend funky new interiors shop opening in Lusaka by Gillie Lightfoot in 6 weeks time....
I used to work with Gillie at Tribal Textiles ( and have now been design consulting with her for her new interiors shop venture - I will be coming back in June for us to further develop the interiors ranges but here is some eye candy from the last 5 days (all pieces are unfinished but get idea!)...yum

Wooden and shell beads on cowhide disc - Cushion front

Indian silver coins and beads and natural eggshell glass beads on cowhide discs - Cushion cover front
 Different cowhide and stitched leather on linen cushion cover front
Tablerunner design - LOVE this one
 Tablerunner design - red beads on chocolate suede

 The starting ideas on a hanging light range using handcut aluminium discs, cowhorn and cowhide - we will be doing an enormous chandelier for the centre of the shop in the aluminium disc/cowhorn style...I definitely plan to have one made to use in an interiors project down the line

 The beginning stages of using traditional woodturning to make a range of candlestick we will later embellish with beads, paint, leather and carved designs

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